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The words “farm” and “rural” are integral to the ASFMRA name. They signify our sole focus — and the special expertise of our members, especially those who have chosen to achieve professional designation from ASFMRA. 


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Agricultural land and rural property are unique. It takes a special understanding, insight and appreciation for rural property and agricultural assets in order to manage and assess their value. Explore our professional accreditation and continuing education programs.

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Our land experts work under a professional code of ethics and are known as The Most Trusted Rural Property Professionals. If you’re working with an accredited member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, you’re working with someone driven to be the best.

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Become a member of the largest professional Society for rural property experts in the United States.

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The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) is the only professional society specifically focused on education and training related to farm management, rural valuation and agricultural consulting. 


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  • Farm and ranch management
  • Rural and real property review appraising
  • Agricultural consulting
  • Advocacy for the professions that we represent
  • Support for landowners and clients in need of rural property expertise
  • Networking with peers and industry leaders


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    Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    ​​I was asked if having a CAFO permit for an approximately 700 cow dairy had value vs one almost as large with is just under the CAFO rules.  Does anyone have anything to quantify if there is additional value and if so, how much? Thanks ------------------------------ ...

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    I am looking for sales of properties that are encumbered with some form of easement such as a flowage easement, flood plain easement or properties that have sold after being flooded to determine the effect on the values as a result.  Please contact me ...

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    To end the discussion, I simply recommended applying a rate of return percentage on the appraised value of the property being leased.  I offered a range of returns from 10% down to 5% and let the client determine what she would charge the tenant. Thanks ...